Tuesday, May 31, 2011

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server Technical Professional v1

I had successfully  cleared the M76 IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server Technical Mastery Test v1.

The test is aimed at professional who can deliver a comprehensive business solution to customers through solution identification, product differentiation, and competitive positioning.

Areas covered & weightage:

Section 1 - MDM Strategy and Position (7%)

    Describe the strategy and position of MDM Server 9.0
    Describe the steps and options of installing MDM
    Describe the various package editions of MDM and their content

Section 2 - MDM 9.0 Important Features/Usages/Best Practices (45%)

    Describe the various protocols used to interact with MDM Server
    Describe the various user interfaces available in MDM Server and their main usages
    Describe the architecture of the batch processors and its cutomization
    Describe how duplicate suspect processing works in MDM Server
    Describe MDM Server Notification Framework
    Describe security features of MDM and ROV (rules of visibilities)
    Describe the Party and Account Data Models

Section 3 - MDM 9.0 Customization (39%)

    Describe the methodology of using workbench tooling to customize MDM Server; Understand which customization option to deploy based on business requirements
    Describe the architecture of MDM Server data addition and its customization options
    Describe how behavior extension works in MDM Server
    Describe how to develop SPEC and its main usage

Section 4 - UI Generator (9%)

    Describe how the UI generator works

Total 44 questions and 65% is the pass percentage.

Will keep you posted on the questions I remember for the exam.
Question I remember are
a)There are many questions revolved around the data model the main are how party is related to address
b)How party related to CONTRACT.
c)Question on contract party role.
d)When are spec used(when we have dynamically changing attributes)
e)Artifacts generaetd by UI generator(WAR,EJB,Help)
f)A few questions on ROV like when is perssitency entitlement triggered (Pre of controller)
For get/search when is ROV triggered(Post controller)
g)Critical Data Elements for Party/Organization
h)Rule /BE id for CreateSuspect/collapsePartiesWithRules(I think 11 & 12)
i)Difference between MDM & EDW(enterprise data warehouse) - EDW maintains transactional data.
j)How are specs stored(XSD)
k)How do we edit/traverse  xml/xsd(XPath)
l)Items that can customized in a batch process(Reader/Writer)
m)A question on configuration management component like which comportment is mandatory during MDM Server installation
n)Something on Master Information Hub(Like can a customer have MDM with out data models -Yes)
o)Various styles of MDM(Analytical,Operational,Consolidation..)

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