Sunday, September 22, 2013

Installing DSUI Application on MDM 10.1

This post will help you quickly install the DSUI EAR application provided as part of the MDM installable.
You should have MDM 10.1 ,installed and running .
I am using WAS &  RSA

Step1 : Locating the DSUI App

MDM1010_WAS_AIX.tar ->MDM->WAS.jar->MDM->installableApps->
Take out the MDMDataStewardship.ear

Step2 : Dont jump into installing the ear , like I did :(
We have to make a few modifications before we could install this default app.
a)Set UserGroupImpl in mdmUIConfiguration.properites (you can find it in propertiesUI.jar) and re deploy
  1. When deployed on a IBM WebSphere use
  2. When deployed on a BEA WebLogic use  
Error/Issue you can expect ,if you fail to set the above:
SystemOut O ERROR - Log_UserRoleUtil_FailGetUserGroup

b)Change the provider URL.
java.naming.provider.url=corbaloc:iiop: hostname:rmiport

Error/Issue you can expect ,if you fail to set the above:

The  drop downs in your DSUI will not be populated.(because DSUI was not able to connect to MDM to look up the code tables)

I used WinRAR for making the changes to the ear  ,you could use your favorite  application ,but make sure you have the changes reflected in the EAR.

Step3:Proceed to Install.
Install it as any normal web application manually.(Use Fast path with all defaults)

Step4:Configuring the JavaServer Faces (JSF) provider 

Login to  Administrative Console , choose Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications > YourDSUIApplication> JSP and JSF options 
Select Sun RI1.2. from the drop down.
If you forget to set this , you will encounter the JSF- UI issue. logServletError SRVE0293E: Servlet Error-[/timeout.jsp]: java.lang.RuntimeException: FacesContext not found
at javax.faces.webapp.UIComponentClassicTagBase.getFacesContext(
at javax.faces.webapp.UIComponentClassicTagBase.setJspId(

Step 5: Restart your WAS and try the DSUI URL.

Step 6: Resolving UI display and link issues when deployed with security off(If you face any UI issues)

If the following setting is unchecked, then the UI starts working as expected.  Use the following
1.  In WAS, go to  Servers > Server Types> WebSphere Application servers > >
session management > enable cookies > Restrict cookies to HTTPS sessions.
2.  Uncheck Restrict cookies to HTTPS sessions.
3.  Click OK, and then click Save.
4.  Synchronize the nodes.
5.  Restart the Application Server.
Step 7:Start using your DSUI App.


  1. How to see the full transaction in DSUI in xml format ? Which settings have to be enabled ?

    1. In file set view_xml=true
      Restart the server and start the Ui application. Now you can find the view transaction at right corner of the screen.

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  3. What did you filled in for

  4. how to login into DSUI. I have installed MDM11 including dsui. I am able to launch DSUI but what useris and password i have to give.