Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beginners Guide for Creating an IBM MDM External Validation

External validation is the ability of MDM  to validate end user data before updating or adding transactions.IT determines the data being entered is a valid or invalid one. External validation are triggered at the pre of the controller.

There are 2 main categories of external validation 
1)Field Level(Element Level)
2)Cross Filed Level(Group Level)
I will elaborate more on field level validation here.The element level validation is generally used under the following circumstances.
         To check whether the field is optional or mandatory
         To specify minimum and maximum field lengths and values
         To specify allowable and prohibited values and patterns etc.

The tables involved are 
The V_ELEMENT contains the attribute which needs to validated.
V_ELEMENT_VAL relates the attribute(element) with the validation function.
V_ELEMENT_PARAM can be used to specify the param type and the param value.The param type is used to retrieve the param value in the validation function we write.
V_FUNCTION contains the fully qualified class path to the validation function class.(Function name , Java class).

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  1. Dear,
    I have an issue with the validation I hope you can help me,

    I made a group validation and connect my project to the mdm project but when I run a xml to test
    the group I am validating on , I get the following error(wich says that mdm can't load the class I specified):

    [Error_DBValidationTreeBuilder_ExternalValidationRuleLoad:] CDKCV2014E:Loading external validation rule error: externalvalidation.CheckDigit
    [Error_DBValidationTreeBuilder_GroupError:] CDKCV2012E:The loading of V_GROUP validators failed.

    Please If you can help
    Contact me at:

    Thanks In advance.