Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Exploring Websphere(WAS) default queues using WAS Admin Console

This is has got very less to do with MDM .

But it can come handy for people working on EM,Notifcaiotns etc and using the WAS default queue instead of a WMQ for their development works.
Most of the time I wondered about how easy it could have been if there is something like MQ explorer available with WMQ  in  WAS admin console to explore the default queues.

I noticed that it is available in WAS 7(may be even available with 6.1 ) .You can use the following path to explore the messages in the default queues.

Admin console Resources->JMS->Queues > Customer Tail(Your Queue) > Buses > MDM.SIB.server1 > Destinations > CUSTOMER.TAIL(Your Queue) > Queue points > CUSTOMER.TAIL@MDMNode01.server1-MDM.SIB.server1(Runtime) > Messages

You can view the Message body too along with other properties like when the message is placed at the queue etc

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